Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Fees Cost
Application Fee $45
Registration Fee $100
Undergraduate Credit Price $300
Graduate Credit Price $475

Student responsibility

(up to $170 per course)

Proctoring Fee $175 


Additional Fees

Late Registration Fee

(for returning students, per semester)


Official Credit Evaluation Fee (One time) $50
Graduation Fee (One time) $75
Course extension Fee (extends for 4 weeks): $120
Transcript Fee $15
Technology Fee

(nonrefundable, per semester):


Additional Fees may be changed each semester.

College Fees

Application Fee
Undergrad: $45
Graduate: $50
Registration Fee
Undergrad: $100
Graduate: $100
Undergrad: —
Graduate: $50
Undergrad: Up to $170/course
Graduate: Up to $250/course
 $175  paid annually


Additional Fees

Late Registration Fee
Optional Live Class Fee
$150 per live course
Official Credit Evaluation Fee
Graduation Fee
Course extension Fee
Transcript Fee

Additional Fees may be changed each semester.

Fee Schedule

Application and registration fees must be payed immediately. Tuition fees for courses must be paid before the first day of class.  Transcripts are issued only to students who have fulfilled their financial obligations to Woodmont College.

Payment plans can be arranged in advance with our financial office.

For information about financial assistance and scholarships, click here.

For information about refunds and cancellations and other Woodmont College policies, click here or contact for details.


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