Associate Degree in Software and Web Development

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    Why Earn an AS in Software and Web Development?

    According to Business Insider, Information Technology is one of the fastest growing fields in America (and the world). According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, jobs in IT are expected to grow up to 28% within the next few years. The earning potential in the field can exceed an annual salary of 100k. These are only few of the reasons why you should the Associate Degree in Computer Programming and Technology  

    An associate degree in computer programming provides a decent foundation in computer science and information technology. These programs cultivate analytical, problem-solving, and technical skills by engaging students through projects and hands-on lab learning. Graduates can pursue entry-level technical careers or related bachelor’s programs.

    What You'll Learn

    • Develop and optimize websites on the server and browser
    • Consider the impact of technology on both the local and global society.
    • Demonstrate awareness of ethical and social issues related to technology.
    • Program in modern object-oriented programming languages, leveraging appropriate patterns and structures.
    • Research and investigate technologies to keep pace with the ever-changing field of computers and information systems.

    Program Instructors

    Professor Rina Schwartz

    Professor Schwartz graduated University of Phoenix and Carlow College (Pittsburgh, PA) with an MS in Computer Information Systems Management, and has experience in various computer-related fields.

    Her passion to educate drove her to teach in various subjects for over 20 years. Ms. Schwartz first started teaching in the late 1980s when she taught Meteorology in the US Navy for many years. Later, Ms. Schwartz taught high school and college-level classes in Computers and Spanish.  Before working as a teacher, she worked as a Business Systems Analyst for a major hospital system in Pittsburgh, PA.

    Who Will Benefit

    You'll most likely benefit from the Associate Degree in Software and Web Development if you:

    Enjoy learning and applying math and science concepts

    Students who possess an aptitude for math and science are more likely to succeed and will find the computer science industry extremely rewarding.

    Are a logical creative thinker with a knack for grasping the theories behind technology

    Computer programming involves a lot of problem-solving and out of the box thinking. If you’re adept at this, then a path towards a computer science degree is right for you.

    Enjoy coding and tinkering with technology

    Coding is an integral part of a programmer’s job, and if you have the necessary patience and curiosity to write and analyze code, then programming is a good fit for you.

    Program Details

    Semester Starts Classes begin on January 23, 2023
    Duration 1 year, Semester schedule of two 15-week semesters and an accelerated 8-week summer semester
    Cost Cost: $300 per credit. With sufficient transfer credit, the total cost of the degree can be as low as $7350.  Scholarships are available for eligible students.
    Registration Deadline January 9, 2023

    Program Description

    Woodmont College’s Associate Degree in Software and Web Development covers a wide range of computer and programming skills used in today’s organizations, such as application programming and web development, as well as mobile applications. Students learn the world of Microsoft and Java, becoming full-stack developers with knowledge of both client-side and server-side web development. This degree equips students with knowledge of numerous languages and skills, opening a spectrum of opportunities in the world of programming.

    Course Overview

    The Woodmont College Online Advantage

    Woodmont College offers top notch accredited 100% online degree options in tandem with Torah values. Study at your own pace and master core concepts and cutting edge skills necessary in today’s competitive job market. Learn with expert instructors and engage with like-minded peers in a cohesive,  innovative, milieu that nurtures potential into reality.

    • Cutting edge collaborative learning and support
    • Immersive synergetic online environment
    • Top faculty
    • Personalized academic and career guidance

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