Our goal is to help students like you earn a degree, enabling you to develop a successful career – in a supportive Jewish environment. Our programs are flexible and completely online, so you can study without compromising your current commitments or disrupting your daily schedule.

Rabbi Hershel Reichman, President of Woodmont College

Don’t take our word for it! Below are some of the testimonials we received from current students and alumni. We stay focused on our mission and are proud to have helped many students improve their professional future. We would be delighted to help you on your higher education journey as well. Thank you for considering Woodmont College!

What Our Graduates Say

My experience in attending Woodmont College was extremely smooth and enjoyable. The staff
members were always eager to help students and they responded right away. They were all very
understanding if things happened in ones personnel life they would and would be considerate with
deadline and more. The classes curriculum was not only interesting but intriguing as well. I highly
recommend Woodmont College to any one who desires a pleasurable college experience.

Rachel (Judith Rachel Lehrman), BS in Computer Programming
2022 Graduate

I really though Woodmont did a great job at widening my scope of knowledge in many areas of life.
It helped me strengthen many skills that I had already to help me become a better professional.
This school really did a great job giving me the tools to thrive and be successful in any area I put my effort
into. Thank you!

Juliet (Gordon), BA in Judaic Studies
2022 Graduate

Woodmont college enabled me to pursue my degree on my own schedule. I now think I have the skills necessary to move forward.

Devorah, BS in Computer Programming & Technology
2020 Graduate

Woodmont College allowed me to get a degree in a frum environment with the added benefit of doing it at my own convenience.

Yehudis P., BS in Computer Programming & Technology
2020 Graduate

Woodmont College was a great experience. The classes were well paced and the teachers easy to reach.

Jeremy, BA in Judaic Studies
2020 Graduate

Woodmont College was unlike any other program I’ve joined. The process was simple and easy to
navigate with courses tailor-made to our religious needs and perspective. The courses were enjoyable
and within normal time requirements as well. Overall, the experience was amazing. Thank You!

Elka Koplowitz, BA in Judaic Studies
2022 Graduate

What Our Current Students Say

Woodmont College affords me the opportunity to earn my bachelor’s degree in a flexible venue, without compromising on the quality of my education. The calendar of study accommodates my religious needs. The flexibility of the program allows me to work while I’m in school.

Shayna T., BS in Computer Programming & Technology
2020 Student

I enrolled in Woodmont College based on careful research that this would be an excellent choice; it offers a cutting-edge academic program that prepares its students superbly for a career in computer programming, one of the most sought-after job opportunities today.

Current Student, BS in Computer Programming & Technology
2020 Student

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