Career Services

Woodmont College offers guidance to students and graduates as they transition to the workforce. The Career Services office maintains a roster of students in their final semester at the college, initiating and maintaining contact with graduating students and alumni. Students are offered guidance in resume building, interview preparation and career direction for those pursuing a second degree. Career Services also supports students in their job search. Woodmont College does not guarantee employment.

Career Services also oversees the Computer Science Internship Program, where computer Science students can be placed with technology companies and given practical tasks in the computer science field. 

Our Services

Resume Writing

Resumes and digital profiles constitute the first impression a job applicant will make on a potential employer. Students receive expert advice on how to write resumes and build a LinkedIn profile.

Interview Preparation

Woodmont College Career Services prepare students for interviews with potential employers including how to best present their talents, experience, and best practices for being hired.

Job Search

Searching for a job can be overwhelming. Career services personnel provide resources to students to assist in their job search.

Alumni Career Services

Alumni can contact Woodmont College Student Services to access career resources and support that is offered to students.

Tzvi Broker

Tzvi Broker is a passionate Career Coach with 10 years of experience providing career services to individuals, colleges, and organizations within the Jewish community. He runs workshops on career development and work engagement for companies, conferences, organizations, and schools worldwide. Tzvi’s goal as Career Counselor for Woodmont College is to transition students from ‘education’ into the workforce through strategic guidance on building a resume and LinkedIn profile and the mindset needed to find their next opportunity.

You can read some of Tzvi’s insights into career development on our Blog.

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    Leora Waldman

    Internship Coordinator

    Leora Waldman is an entrepreneur, full-stack developer, and technology manager. She has developed websites and software solutions for a variety of businesses and online services and launched a number of successful e-commerce websites.  With over twenty years of experience in the hi-tech sector, Leora is able to leverage her expertise and connections to ensure that Woodmont Technology Interns are successfully placed and properly supported for the duration of their internships.

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