Woodmont College Tech Internship Program

Woodmont College is excited to offer an innovative Tech Internship Program to help our students break into the tech industry!

The Woodmont College Internship Program provides students and graduates with the opportunity to apply for a 3-6 month unpaid internship at a technology based company or organization. Most positions are remote and include working alongside a supervisor at the company who provides direction and  mentorship as interns complete real world programming and technology projects.

The internship brings value to companies by providing ambitious talent and brings value to students by giving them hands on experience coding and collaborating with tech teams.

Here's what satisfied companies are saying:

How does it work?

Students are placed short term (usually 3-6 months) in a high- tech company where they can gain experience in the software development field. Interns spend their time working on relevant projects and developing both hard and soft skills.


  • unpaid
  • mostly remote
  • can be part or full time

How will I benefit from the internship?

 Apply what you’ve learned to real-world programming and technology projects

Train with proven tech professionals who will expertly guide you

Be part of a tech team and interact with others on a professional level

Build your resume and add invaluable work experience to present to employers

Here's what our Woodmont students are saying:

How can I sign up for the internship?

Fill out an application

Application is reviewed.

Meet by phone/Zoom with Tech coordinator, Leora Waldman, to assess your strengths, skills and internship preferences. 

Meet by phone/Zoom with Career Counselor, Tzvi Broker, for resume assistance.

Your resume is forwarded to relevant companies. You are guided throughout the internship placement process.

Once you’re matched with a company* our internship department stays in close contact for assistance with any issues.

Complete your internship and receive a certificate of completion. 

 *  Placement is at the discretion of the company.


How are companies and interns matched up?

Companies are vetted based on a number of criteria, including the right environment, the scope of the project, and available supervision. The internship coordinator works with each company to determine the scope of the internship and leads the selection process of applicants to ensure candidates and companies are optimally matched. 

At what stage of my degree can I apply for the internship program?

You must complete at least one programming course. Since students are assigned to a company based on their programming knowledge, completing more courses will enable you to apply for a wider choice of internships. 

What languages do interns need to know?

Interns should be proficient in any one of the following languages: HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery, React, Node, Angular, C#, PHP, MySql, Python, C, Java, SQL

How can I sign up for the internship?

You will need to fill out an application form- you can do that here.

Is there a fee to sign up?

You will be billed $250 after you are placed in an internship. When you successfully complete the internship you will receive a $100 refund. 

Woodmont’s innovative internship program will enable you to implement your newly gained technology skills in a professional environment and will help you enter the job market with valuable experience in hand.  


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