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The purpose of this Library is to help Students navigate the wealth of content related to Jewish Studies with links and descriptions. Although Google is a great tool, many useful materials do not come up in a simple google search.

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    Key Tools for Research – Books and articles

    Primary Texts

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    Audio- Video Content

    In recent years there has been an explosion of materials, lectures and the like in both audio and video formats made available online useful for Judaic Studies.

    YU Torah

    Currently it has close to 300,00 lectures on a very wide range of Jewish subjects. Some are video format while most are audio. It has a useful search engine to help find material

    Orthodox Union- OU

    In recent years they have built an excellent platform with audio and video content. It’s very user friendly.
    One section is called All Daf where one can find a wealth of lectures on the Talmud using different styles.
    Worth pointing to is Reid Bites [here] from the noted lecturer, Rabbi Sruly Bornstein.
    Another section is called All Parsha
    Where there is a wealth of Lectures on the Weekly Parsha, all kinds of styles can be found there.

    Torah Anytime

    This is another useful resource with over 70,000 video lectures on Jewish topics.

    Kol Halashon

    This is another useful website with thousands of lectures on Jewish topics in Hebrew and English.

    Virtual Beit Medrash: Torat Har Etzion

    This useful site is described as follows:
    …has more than thirty thousand classes and articles, most of them organized into many hundreds of series in all of the diverse fields of Torah study. This number includes articles and lessons in both English and Hebrew, written clearly and edited meticulously.


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