Decide how quickly you want to complete your courses. Create your own schedule and study at your preferred pace.  Master the course material step-by-step. Demonstrate your learning skills in Gemara or Tanach. Complete your BA degree within a few months. You are in charge!

Transfer up to 90 credits from yeshiva, seminary or college (75% of a BA degree).

Earn 30 college credits within a few months.

Follow a structured learning process and methodology, without feeling lost or overwhelmed.

Build up your knowledge step-by-step and demonstrate what you’ve learned to earn credits. 

Take regular assessments and receive feedback from instructors.

What is the SMART Learning Path (AfL)?

AfL or Assessment for Learning is an innovative and exciting way to study online and earn a degree.

Instead of following the traditional online format of designated 15-week semesters, weekly assignments, and set deadlines, AfL provides students with the freedom to demonstrate their understanding or knowledge at their own pace.

These courses are unique, as they are both self-paced and include regular instructor feedback and interaction. Most self-paced courses or competency exams provided by various testing services assume that the student is fully independent and do not provide support. They provide the study material and expect students to learn on their own and then take an exam.

Program Details

Semester Starts                 With the SMART Learning Path you don’t have to wait for semester to begin. Start whenever you are ready!
Duration Students can complete courses as quickly as they choose, with up to 12 weeks to complete each course. Students can enroll in as many courses in parallel as they wish. A motivated student can earn the 33 credits for their major within a few months.
Cost $300 per credit (120 credits), with sufficient transfer credits (up to 90) it can be as low as $9,000. Scholarships are available for eligible students. 

Benefits of the SMART Learning Path

What are the benefits of Assessment for Learning (AfL)?


How is AfL different from the traditional (online) education?

Traditional online education runs in a set semester format with inflexible assignment deadlines and required weekly assignments. Credit by exam or direct assessment programs provide only learning resources and expect students to study everything independently, at their own pace. AfL is an innovative program in that it incorporates instructor feedback and support, student services, and incremental assessments from traditional online courses, with the self-paced aspect of direct assessment. This enables students to have ‘the best of both worlds’ – a course that builds knowledge organically, progressing from simpler to more complex assignments, includes regular instructor interaction, and provides student support, with the ability to set one’s own pace and accelerate or slow down a course based on individual preferences.

What courses are currently available in the AfL track?

The Judaic Studies Bachelor of Arts will offer all Major courses as AfL courses starting in the Fall 2021 Semester. These include both Tanach and Talmud tracks. Each track includes up to 33 credits offered as AfL. The Tanach track includes courses in Chumash, Neviim Rishonim, Neviim Acharonim, Hashkafa, Halacha and Moadim. The Talmud track includes courses in Gemara Iyun, Gemara Bekius, and Halacha.

The course list for CBE is as follows:

Course Code – CBE Course Code – Course Title (Credits)

JPHL 101 – Fundamentals of Jewish Thought (3)
JPHL 200 – Introduction to Oral Law (3)
MAT 101 – Algebra (3)
CPT 105 – Management Information Systems (3)
SCI101 – Environmental Science (3)
BIBL 101 – Parsha Journeys (3)
BIBL 222BIBL – Megillot (3)
BIBL 230 – Early Prophets (3)
BIBL 300 – Chumash in Depth (3)
JLAW 301 – Hilchot Shabbat (3)
JPHL121 – Tishrei to Shvat (3)
JPHL410 – Tefilla (3)
BIBL402 – Book of Yona (3)
TALM110 – Beginner Talmud (6)
TALM210 – Learning the Talmud (6)
TALM310 – Intermediate Talmud (6)
TALM320 – Talmud with Rishonim (6)
TALM410 – Advanced Talmud (6)

How many credits can be earned as AfL? What is recommended?

Currently, students who choose the AfL track will take all of the courses offered for the major in AfL format. Since courses are self-paced, students will be enrolled in all AfL courses at once and will decide when to begin each course at their convenience.

How fast can one complete and earn the AfL credits?

Since each course incorporates between 9 and 15 learning skills and reflects the same amount of work as is being completed for a fifteen week 15 week course, students should calculate a sufficient amount of time to complete the coursework. Initially students are allotted up to 12 weeks to complete a course, with the option to extend for an additional eight weeks. However, a motivated student with time to focus on the coursework and sufficient background knowledge can finish an AfL course within four weeks. An exceptionally advanced student can even finish an AfL course in one week of intense work.

Who is going to benefit most from the SMART Learning Path?

Since currently only Judaic Studies courses are offered as AfL, students interested in this program should be confident in their level of knowledge and proficiency in Torah subjects and textual study. Students with a strong Judaic Studies background who either want to accelerate their BA studies or want to set their own pace, would be the right match for these courses. Someone may want to accelerate their studies because they are trying to quickly enter a graduate program; alternatively, someone studying in yeshiva may want to compress his studies into his vacation times; or possibly, someone juggling many responsibilities would take this option for its increased flexibility, where more assignments can be completed when the student has time, and then the student can take a break during times that they have other responsibilities. These are some examples of how AfL can benefit students.

How much does it cost?

AfL courses carry the same cost as traditional courses, full tuition of $300 per credit with the same access to our various scholarships – need-based, academic, Jewish educator, etc.

    Course Overview

    There are two tracks you can choose from:

    The Tanach track includes Bible (Parsha and Chumash), Prophets, Scripture, Classic Jewish Philosophy and thought, and Jewish law. It includes in-depth study of Chumash (Bible.) This program enriches Jewish knowledge, enables its graduates to teach Judaic Studies, and enter programs offering higher degrees.

    The Talmud track includes courses in Talmud and Jewish law. Talmud is the area of scholarship which forms the basis of contemporary Jewish Law and tradition. The program consists of survey courses in Talmud, intensive courses in Talmud, and Jewish law. It prepares students for a Rabbinical degree.


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