Complete Your Fully accredited Bachelor’s Degree Without Leaving Yeshiva.

Yeshiva Program (Bachelor of Arts)

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    Why You Should Join the Yeshiva Program

    Our unique program is designed for yeshiva and kollel students like you. Transfer up to 90 credits towards your degree. Complete online assignments on masechtas you are currently learning. Work with an academic advisor and get a customized plan to accelerate your degree and move forward. Get your bachelor’s degree in 6-8 months. 

    • Stay in yeshivah or kollel full time while completing your degree
    • Take online courses that correspond with what you’re studying in yeshiva
    • Take 3 secular courses and 4 Gemara courses
    • Graduate in the most accelerated, economical way
    • Transfer up to 90 credits towards your degree

    Use Your Degree To

    • Expand your career opportunities
    • Earn a Master’s degree in another field
    • Get a job in kiruv, Rabbinic leadership, or Jewish education

    Who Will Benefit

    You’ll most likely benefit from the Yeshiva Program if you are:

    A Deep Thinker with a Profound Love for Torah

    You’re the analytical, spiritual, philosophical type. Your passionate about exploring the infinite depths of Torah.

    A Budding Rabbi, Kiruv Professional, or Jewish Educator

    Your dream is to pursue an altruistic, inspiring, career that will impact and transform lives.

    An aspiring Psychology, Law, or Business Graduate Student

    Naaleh College’s flexible study plans and generous credit transfer makes it possible to complete your BA swiftly and pursue the graduate degree of your choice.

    Program Details

    Semester Starts Classes begin on October 4th, 2021
    Duration 6-8 months
    Cost $300 per credit (90 credits), can be as low as $9000 with sufficient transfer credit. Scholarships are available for eligible students.
    Application Deadline August, 1st, 2021

    Program Description

    Earn your bachelor’s degree while studying in yeshiva. Incorporate Talmud study into your college program, utilizing your Torah knowledge to accelerate your degree and move forward in your studies.

    Course Overview

    Interested in the full BA in Judaic Studies Degree? Click here.

    The Naaleh College Online Advantage

    Naaleh College offers top notch accredited 100% online degree options in tandem with Torah values. Study at your own pace and master core concepts and cutting edge skills necessary in today’s competitive job market. Learn with expert instructors and engage with like-minded peers in a cohesive,  innovative, milieu that nurtures potential into reality.

    • Cutting edge collaborative learning and support
    • Immersive synergetic online environment
    • Top faculty
    • Personalized academic and career guidance

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