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Scholarship Options at Naaleh College

Need-based Financial Assistance

At Naaleh College, we believe that anyone should be given the opportunity of an excellent education, regardless of financial status. Need- based tuition reductions are offered to eligible students upon submission of two years of income tax returns. The Financial Assistance Department reviews the returns, and based on income and household size, and any extenuating circumstances that may increase expenses significantly for the household, determines how much a student can afford. Level of education may play a role if the applicant is seeking a first degree. We offer up to 30% off of regular tuition for Bachelor’s degrees, and up to 15% off of regular tuition for Associate’s degrees.

To Apply

Submit your two most recent annual tax returns to:

Academic Scholarships

Naaleh College appreciates the value of hard work and academic accomplishment. A student with a combined SAT score of 1300 (Verbal + math score) or above is eligible for up to 30% off of tuition, subject to availability.

To Apply

Submit your official score reports to

Other Options

Jewish Educator Scholarship
Talmud Fellowships
Dean’s Scholarship

Naaleh College salutes the dedicated professionals working as educators in Jewish educational institutions. The Jewish Educator Scholarship is available to Jewish educational professionals who are currently teaching at a Jewish educational institution, and who have been employed as educators in
Jewish educational institutions for at least three years.
Applicants must submit a letter of employment from their current employers confirming that the applicant is currently working as an educator in a Jewish educational institution and stating the years they have been employed as Jewish educators. Scholarships of up to 25% discount from full tuition are awarded on a course-by-course basis, based on availability.

To Apply:

Submit a letter of employment from your current employers confirming that you are currently working as an educator in a Jewish educational institution and stating the years you have been employed as a Jewish educator to

Talmud Fellowships are awarded to students with superior Talmud scholarship. Students who are awarded this scholarship have graduated from a yeshiva high school, have studied 150 folios of Talmud, and demonstrated proficiency based on high grades. Depending on availability, Talmud Fellows are awarded up to 28% off of tuition, or $216 per credit instead of $300 per credit.

To Apply:

Submit high school and post-high school yeshiva transcripts which demonstrate eligibility to

Naaleh College recognizes that there are individuals who are highly motivated to study and succeed, yet do not have the means to pay. This unique scholarship is awarded to a limited number of students, who have completed at least one semester at Naaleh College and have demonstrated high achievement and strong academic performance.
Eligibility: Scholarships are awarded based on student’s performance and achievement at Naaleh College, evaluation of transcripts, and Dean’s scholarship essay.

Terms of Scholarship: Dean’s Scholars benefit from a significant tuition reduction, paying $120 per credit. Dean’s Scholars are expected to complete their program of study in a timely manner and maintain a 3.5 GPA (B+ average). Students must take at least 3 courses a semester in order to maintain their scholarships. Students are evaluated on an annual basis to ensure that they remain eligible for the Dean’s Scholarship. Dean’s Scholarships are granted based on available funding for the program, and may not be deferred.

Students who wish to apply for a Dean’s scholarship should contact to submit their scholarship essay.
Recipients of the Dean’s Scholarship commit to completing their Bachelor’s degree and graduating from Naaleh College. Dean’s Scholars who withdraw from Naaleh College without completing their degrees will be retroactively charged full tuition for all courses they have taken at Naaleh and will need to repay all scholarship monies to the institution. No leaves of absence are extended to Dean’s Scholars.

How does the scholarship application process work?


Apply to Naaleh College.


Submit all application documents to


Submit scholarship application to appropriate email listed above.  Identify the scholarship you are applying for in the email.

Scholarship Terms

  • All scholarships are renewed annually based on students’ fulfillment of requirements.
  • Dean’s and Academic Scholars must maintain at least a 3.5 GPA (B+ average). Dean’s Scholars must be consecutively enrolled in at least 3 courses per semester.
  • Need-based scholarship recipients must submit tax returns every year they are awarded the scholarship.
  • Some scholarships are limited to students pursuing their first degree.
  • Scholarships do not include fees and textbook costs
  • Failure to uphold terms of scholarships may result in students being retroactively charged full tuition for courses.
  • Non-matriculating and auditing students may not be eligible to apply for scholarships.
  • Naaleh College does not offer discounts on tuition.

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