Rabbi Mendel Breitstein



  • General Education and Judaic Studies
  • English
  • Tanach, Introduction to Oral Law, Jewish Law


  • COM 101
  • COM 102
  • JPHL 200
  • BIBL
  • JLAW
  • JPHL


Rabbi Mendel Breitstein received his BA in English from the University of Maryland,  his MA in Jewish history, and his teaching certification in teaching English and literature from David Yellin Academic College of Education. He also received his semicha degree from Yeshiva University.

Mendel grew up in Maryland and now lives in Beit El with his wife Abby and their children Aryeh, Ezra, Noam, Meital, Amram, and Tehilla. He works primarily as an educator in the Jerusalem area, doing some freelance cartooning for the Jerusalem Post. He enjoys learning, reading, doodling, and making up bizarre stories to entertain his children.