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    Why Does an MBA Matter?

    Nowadays, virtually every business needs successful marketing in order to succeed and thrive in the modern competitive marketplace. From Enterprise to small businesses, companies of every size invest heavily in creating a strong and effective marketing force to propel their business forward. Marketing jobs typically  require a set of creative, interpersonal and analytical skills and the work is truly fulfilling because the effort of the marketing team affects the overall business success. Benefits of earning a Master’s degree in marketing include a higher chance of finding a high paying job and with that, more financial stability. The MBA in Marketing offers you many career options which are compatible with a Jewish way of life. 

    What You'll Learn

    • The modern landscape of marketing tools and platforms
    • How to create effective, outcome based marketing strategies
    • How to create, develop, and market a new and existing brand
    • Evaluate strategies in order to implement successful marketing campaigns
    • Assess qualitative research methods and perform in-depth market research
    • Evaluate impact of fundamentals of consumer behavior on designing marketing tactics
    • Appraise the activities and decisions of marketing professionals in light of ethical standards
    • Identify social responsibility, civic and political issues, and global awareness as it relates to marketing

    Program Directors & Instructors

    Rabbi Dr. Chaim Ehrman

    Program Director.

    Rabbi Dr. Chaim Ehrman has taught Marketing and Statistics at an undergraduate and graduate level for over 25 years. Dr. Erhman has published articles and books on both Marketing and Judaic Studies. He is sought after expert in the specific area of marketing analysis. In addition, with being a well-respected Rabbi, Dr. Ehrman applies Jewish ethics and law to the marketing world.

    Dr. Deborah Rhodes


    Dr. Deborah Rhodes holds a PhD in Organizations and Management with an emphasis in Management Education and a Certificate in College Teaching from Capella University, an MBA in Nonprofit Management from American Jewish University, and a BS in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. She has taught several years at the collegiate level. In addition to her academic career, Dr. Rhodes has held positions in banking with assignments in retail, commercial, international and credit review departments and has been involved with family investments for many years.

    Who Will Benefit

    You’ll most likely benefit from an MBA in Marketing if you are:

    Persuasive and possess an entrepreneurial character:

    You are inspiring and enthusiastic with strong interpersonal skills and willpower to transforms dreams to reality

    Analytical and a strategic visionary:

    You know how to work smart, analyze metrics, understand target markets, and strategize for success

    An aspiring Marketing Director, CMO, or Brand Manager:

    Your dream is to land a top level job  in marketing, sales, advertising, or digital media

    Program Details

    Semester Starts Summer Semester starts on June 20th, 2022
    Duration 2 years, part time. Flexibility depending on per-semester course-load
    Cost $400 per credit. Scholarships are available for eligible students.
    Application Deadline May 23rd, 2022

    Program Description

    Woodmont College’s Master of Business Administration degree, is a 33-credit graduate program designed with the real-world in mind. The classroom combines the theory and the practical, providing the students the opportunity to apply the knowledge through scenarios and simulations. The degree prepares students to be leaders in the marketing profession. Students learn the intricacies of market research and data analysis. They hone their reasoning and decision making skills while engaging in problem definition and problem solving. Students learn how to create comprehensive marketing strategies considering many different variables, in order to achieve the desired outcome. The degree includes courses in Finance, Management and Entrepreneurship to give the students the added breadth needed to be successful in business.

    Course Overview

    Students must complete the business core, specialization courses and Capstone. In addition, they must choose one elective.

    The Woodmont College Online Advantage

    Woodmont College offers top notch accredited 100% online degree options in tandem with Torah values. Study at your own pace and master core concepts and cutting edge skills necessary in today’s competitive job market   Learn with expert instructors and engage with like-minded peers in a cohesive,  innovative, milieu that nurtures potential into reality.

    • Cutting edge collaborative learning and support
    • Immersive synergetic online environment
    • Top faculty
    • Personalized academic and career guidance

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